An Integrated Customer Interaction Platform

Driving mobile engagement, revenue and ROI.

Swrve is everything you need to build relationships on mobile, and act in the moment to deliver the most effective mobile experiences imaginable. We are powering the world's leading app businesses, handling billions of daily events across iOS, Android, Windows10 and Unity.

A/B Testing


Around 20% of apps are used only once. Swrve changes that equation. With A/B testing of native app content and in-app messages, it's now possible to change and edit those vital first few minutes - all without engineering or app store upgrades. And by testing those changes, you'll be able to stop guessing what works: and start knowing.

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Push notifications


Your app is one of dozens on the smartphone. Success on mobile means being opened more often than not. Swrve makes that happen, with the most targeted push notification service on the planet, based on a real-time understanding of every single mobile user. Ultra relevant updates and campaigns keep users engaged for the long-term.

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In-app messages


Build conversations and sell in the app with targeted and tested in-app messages, defined and delivered straight from the Swrve dashboard. Swrve enables the marketer to build interactive conversations that put the right offer in front of the right person - at the right time.

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At the heart of a successful mobile business is a real-time view of the metrics that matter, right down to the individual user level. With sophisticated segmentation capabilities, plus funnel and cohort analysis, Swrve has your analytics covered.

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Swrve Amplify


Mobile is part of the wider world. Swrve Amplify brings data from multiple sources together to create unified customer experiences across multiple channels. And by introducing real-time data about the local environment, your mobile campaigns can become more relevant than ever before!

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Swrve integrates seamlessly with the world’s leading email platforms - allowing you to deliver email campaigns to mobile users direct from the Swrve dashboard.

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A comprehensive mobile marketing platform.

No matter the industry, brand or audience, Swrve is able to mold and shape to your personal interests. See how we can work for you—specifically.

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