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Autonomous Segmentation

Autonomous Segmentation

Swrve collects and processes deep behavioral data for precise targeting, and real-time triggering to deliver messages that don’t feel like marketing.

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Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral Targeting

Swrve’s industry-leading segmentation helps marketers send the right message to the right customer by creating audience segments based on any combination of user properties, device attributes, predictive propensities, and recency and frequency of user behavior to add rich context to your messaging.

Flexible Triggering Flexible Triggering

Flexible Triggering

Trigger messages in real time based on behavior, optimal time, geolocation, ad channel, or external system via API, so that your messages react to your user’s needs and add value to their brand experience, as opposed to sending out rudimentary scheduled blasts.

Propensity Scoring Models for Intelligent Messaging

Propensity Scoring Models for Intelligent Messaging

Swrve’s propensity scoring models help brands identify and predict not only which users are in danger of churning from the app, but also which users are displaying propensity to convert in the app. This compelling data gives marketers the ability to deliver highly targeted messages to inspire engagement, retention, and monetization of customers.

A/B Testing A/B Testing

A/B Testing

Take a scientific approach to optimizing your content and user experience using Swrve’s A/B testing. Find out definitively which variant works, and roll the successful one out to the rest of your user-base.

How to Manage Effective A/B Testing

Data is now used to influence just about every aspect of our lives. And so it is a no-brainer to use it when trying to figure out which version of an app’s UX or marketing creative works best.

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