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Behavioral Insights

Behavioral Insights

Swrve scales across billions of data points in real time. Continual, real-time ingestion, and deep processing of data streams puts behavioral insights directly into your hands.

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Process Every Action a User Takes Process Every Action a User Takes

Process Every Action a User Takes

Swrve goes beyond static customer data to capture the behavioral actions taken in your apps or engagement programs. These rich behavioral insights power marketing with real-time relevant connections.

Providing Reach Across Channels

Providing Reach Across Channels

Your customers never stay in one channel for long. That’s why Swrve has developed SDKs for 13 consumer platforms across mobile, web, and digital TV, to communicate over 5 channels, including push notifications, in-app messages, SMS, web push notifications, and email.

Secure, Reliable, Scalable Secure, Reliable, Scalable

Secure, Reliable, Scalable

No other customer engagement platform handles the depth of real-time data that Swrve does, with exceptionally high reliability and scalability. Swrve was built that way from the start, and is resolute in its commitment to these core requirements: 99.9% uptime; 14 billion events per day; segment changes in 200 milliseconds; and 1 year of data for each customer.

Swrve and Nukebox Studios

Nukebox Studios now relies on Swrve to deliver hyper relevant push and in-app messages in their Food Truck Chef mobile game. With a mobile gaming solution from Swrve, Nukebox had what they needed to keep engagement rates high, drive significant increases in ARPU, and drive retention to help their team meet key revenue goals.

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