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Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud

Swrve integrates with Salesforce Service Cloud to help brands unify customer support experiences, and synchronize customer data.

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How Does it Work?

Salesforce Service Cloud customers use Swrve to build cohesive experiences across channels, and deliver real-time relevance to mobile via mobile push notifications, in-app messages, A/B testing, live behavioral tracking, and powerful analytics, all at enterprise scale. Our bi-directional integration helps brands unify customer experiences by automating Swrve push notifications and in app messages from Service Cloud, and synchronizing customer data for use across marketing campaigns and customer service.

How Does it Work?
Drag and drop Swrve's mobile-first messaging directly into Process Builder.
How Does it Work?
Reduce operational costs and deliver a seamless, multichannel experience.
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Orchestrate Your Messaging Across Channels

Orchestrate Your Messaging Across Channels

Deploy Swrve mobile push notifications and in-app experiences directly from Service Cloud to update customers on their service ticket or case status. The result: greater call deflection and better customer experience. You can also pause marketing whilst tickets are open, and automatically resume marketing messaging once the ticket has been closed.

Create a More Personal Experience

Create a More Personal Experience

Trigger Swrve push in-app surveys to get instant feedback on customer satisfaction after a ticket or a case is closed/resolved. Depending on the customer's response, trigger a next best action. For example, follow up with an email to get more in-depth learning about a poor service experience. The result: track customers' satisfaction.

Create A Valuable Experience and a Lasting Connection

Unify Customer Experiences Across Channels

Customers are the first to know when a brand is lacking a true mobile strategy—they receive inconsistent experiences that are confusing, annoying, and irrelevant. It's the quickest route to churn a brand can take. Swrve helps enterprises unify customer communications with smarter, faster, and more personalized interactions to make inconsistent messaging a thing of the past.

Deliver Greater Service Experiences

Swrve’s mobile and analytics capabilities are made available within Salesforce Service Cloud, so brands can add advanced mobile functionality to Journey Builder. This means brands can deliver enhanced support experiences like: real-time service updates on mobile for a customer's service ticket or case status; a pause on all marketing while a support ticket is open; and support satisfaction surveys to get instant feedback on how you're performing.

Access to Mobile User Data Updated in Real Time

Swrve’s mobile analytics provide Salesforce users with data that increases the accuracy and impact of message segmentation, targeting, and delivery.

Our platform’s bidirectional data connectors and APIs process mobile insights in real time, giving a full 360° view of each user’s mobile behavior. This live, self-updating data is streamed into Service Cloud to trigger hyper-personalized customer experiences across mobile, email, and web based on support history data.

How to Turn Service Messaging into Your Best Marketing

Service messages provide important information in real time. They let us know if our bank balance is running low, or if our train service is down today, or that the pair of shoes we ordered has been dispatched.

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