Why Swrve?

Win more moments of customer engagement with relevance at scale.

The Rules of Engagement Have Changed

In the rush to expand where they engage, marketers often skip an essential requirement: expanding how they engage.

Campaigns that broadcast thinly personalized messages are in decline as consumer expectations for relevant communications rise.

  • $1 trillion will be lost by businesses who fail to be relevant to consumers
  • 84% of consumers say brand messages are irrelevant
  • 44% of consumers say they are frustrated when companies fail to use their personal information to make interactions more relevant

Brands must now compete to win scarce consumer attention with relevance in micromoments that matter for each customer.

Swrve The Rules of Engagement Have Changed

Win more moments with dynamic campaigns and microtargeting

Get the industry’s most precise, real-time microtargeting and triggering engine inside your campaign workflow.

Unlike canvas-based tools you don’t need to build complex workflows or dictate narrow paths of which behaviors will happen among which users in which order. With Swrve’s dynamic campaigns, your messages can fire on any channel whenever its targeting and triggering conditions are met.

And unlike other engagement tools that can only trigger based on when an app event has occurred (e.g. “purchased”), Swrve can target, trigger and track payload data inside these events, unlocking details (e.g. item category, brand and amount purchased) to reveal customer intent for more relevant messaging.

Swrve Win more moments with dynamic campaigns and microtargeting

Drive synergy and consistency across channels

Expand reach and relevance with shared data, targeting, triggering and analytics across multiple channels of customer engagement

Swrve Drive synergy and consistency across channels

Work smarter and let AI handle your big data

  • Create highly targeted retention campaigns using AI-powered scoring for propensity to churn
  • Change apps with confidence using AI-assisted results from UX A/B testing
  • Automatically deliver push notifications at each user’s optimal time of day to engage
Swrve Work smarter and let AI handle your big data

Be campaign-ready in 60 days or less

Select a fixed-price success package with measurable outcomes tailored to your needs. Then stay on track and learn new skills with ongoing white glove service from digital marketing strategy and tech experts.

Swrve Digicel

With Swrve, we were able to employ dynamic engagement with behavioral data, lifecycle plans and A/B testing to sell hundreds of thousands of new paid plans, increase app retention (12%+), daily engagement (7%+) while decreasing customer service calls.

We're looking forward to further success using Swrve to introduce our new PlayGo video service to customers in all our markets.

Global Director Products & Digital
Digicel (Mobile Network & Operator)