It feels like only yesterday that we said ‘another year, another action-packed MWC’, but here we go again. And now that we’ve reacquainted ourselves with ‘personal space’, talked with hundreds of people, and are already missing our evening tapas, it’s time for Swrve to reflect on our best ever event in Barcelona.

So without further ado, here’s what really stood out for us this year (other than all that exquisite food and drink):

There’s a growing focus on post-acquisition strategy

Pouring money into user acquisition without having a strong post-acquisition strategy is a bit like running a bath without a plug. After all, 80% of app users churn after 90 days. And so we were really excited by the number of conversations we had at MWC19, with brands across all industries, who are doubling down their efforts to improve engagement, retention, and monetization after a user has downloaded their app.

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Brands want to get closer to their customers

Even though it is easier than ever to communicate with customers, the truth is it’s getting harder to be relevant in those communications. Research by Twilio found that there is a huge gap between brand and consumer expectations, with 84% of consumers feeling that brand messages are not relevant to them. Talking to brands at this year’s MWC19, it is clear that they want to change this by embracing new technologies, like Swrve, that will help them be more relevant with their customers, and deliver better user experiences across digital channels.

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Everybody is talking about AI

The only thing to match the hype around AI in recent years was Fyre Festival, and, well, let’s say no more about that. The good news is that beyond the hype of AI, there are truly innovative and practical use cases. So for every robot doing yoga at MWC19, there was an AR start-up offering a truly useful UI for the physical world, or a real-time relevance platform that you may have heard of called Swrve!

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Everybody is talking about 5G

Every couple of seconds you’d see something with 5G on it. It was unavoidable. So what does this mean other than it’s coming and it’s going to be good? Well, there will certainly be more data consumed. And without wanting to sound too obvious, that means there will be more opportunities to take action on that data. To do this at scale, and let’s not forget that leading brands have hundreds of millions of customers, you’re going to need a tried-and-tested customer interaction platform that you can trust.

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We all want a folding phone

It was one of those moments that hasn’t happened in a while. One of those ‘oh, the future is here’ moments. I mean, just look at it! It’s beautiful. Who cares if it’s going to be heavy? Or maybe just a gimmick? Let’s not kid ourselves, we all want one!


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