At Swrve, we understand that pulling together the data you really need at any one moment in time (either for your own benefit or that all important Monday morning briefing) can be stressful and time consuming. The data that you’re looking for is often located in multiple locations, and needs to be exported and then imported into ugly spreadsheets. And even if you’re lucky enough to have all your data accessible from the one location, it’s often hard to collect and present it in a clear and elegant manner. That’s where Swrve reporting, and specifically trend reporting, comes in.

Trend Reports let you easily create and manage a report that contains only the information that matters to you (which might be only a small subset of the huge amount of data Swrve collects) into a single, digestible page. It’s as easy as creating a new report and simply adding the data sets that you want to see charted. There’s no shuffling around from window to window - all the information you need is there in front of you, and where necessary multiple metrics can be plotted on a single graph in order to make connections and see how various KPIs are related.

KPI and Event Daily Tracker graph

All About Flexibility

Trend Reports can display data from ‘all users’ and custom segments (e.g. new users, VIPs, lapsing users - anything you want), but they also enable reporting on automatically generated segments including users exposed to any individual variant of an A/B test, as well as those who saw or clicked on specific push notification or in-app campaigns. This enables you to see not only just how successful those campaigns were, but also identify any unforeseen effects. Did your first purchase campaign have a negative effect on retention, for example?

For any given segment, any relevant metric can be added to any time-series analysis, including KPIs (e.g. DAU, MAU etc), event counts (e.g. number of abandoned purchases, number of accounts created), item purchases (e.g. tickets sold, subscriptions activated), and campaign exposure, engagement and goals. For example one of our customers uses Trend Reports to manage a single report with daily active users, campaign impressions and ticket sales in a single graph for all their users exposed to a campaign, which in turn allows them to evaluate the campaign exposure and effectiveness at one glance. What once took them 2 hours to prepare before each meeting became instantly available with Trend Reports.

Obviously the span of time shown is completely flexible, and Swrve reports also support the addition of average lines for each metric shown - which can be handy when looking at metrics that fluctuate significantly within the period of analysis. You can even add notes to ensure you remember key events - either your own or those outside your control - that might influence what you’re looking at.

Privacy & Sharing

Whilst transparency is a terrific quality to have in your business, we understand that sometimes there is information that people like to keep private. This could be because your report is not finished, or there is information that you’d like to share with your CMO, but not your summer intern or a different team. When that’s the case, Trend Reports can be saved as private or public depending on your preference, and can be shared with other users subject to their permissions. This is all managed through a centralized Reports Index page that makes organizing and sharing as easy as pie.

Showing option to display trend reports as public or private