Integrations are critically important to the success of any marketing technology ecosystem. If an integration is questionable, or lacks a technical foundation for seamless connectivity, teams end up running into walls at every corner of their strategy: data silos that water down analytics, targeted messages that don’t sync with triggers, audiences and segments that don’t update in real time—the list goes on and on. The headaches that result are often extremely costly, and can seriously compromise short-term goals and long-term gains in revenue, retention, and more. 

So when considering a marketing platform, one must consider the important, if not essential, question: does it play well with others?

This is where Swrve and Oracle Marketing Cloud (OMC) come in. Alone, both platforms are fantastic in their own right, for many reasons. But together, they come alive to form a complete, fully scalable ecosystem for real-time, relevant customer experiences. OMC is well-known for its suite of dynamic, data-driven messaging capabilities, and when paired with Swrve's best-in-class mobile marketing communications, the foundation for truly personalized, 1:1 interactions across channels and devices is complete.  

Here’s how it works. Swrve adds mobile push notifications, in-app messages, A/B testing, real-time behavioral tracking, and powerful analytics to Oracle, all at enterprise scale. Not only can a Swrve SDK capture customer data across all kinds of mobile devices and providers, but our mobile analytics sync seamlessly with APIs and webhooks to ensure true 1:1 response in real time, every time. Our platform brings instant engagement, retention, and revenue value to mobile, and maximizes the reach and relevance of marketing campaigns, both inside and outside mobile apps, making Oracle Eloqua a true multichannel platform. 

And it’s extremely convenient, too. The deep data integration that exists between Swrve and Oracle Eloqua enables customers to add, orchestrate, and deliver personalized push notification and relevant in-app message campaigns directly from Oracle Eloqua Canvas. So, no having to relearn an entirely new platform—all of Swrve’s capabilities can be accessed from the same environment you’ve been using all along. Plus, the connection is bi-directional, Swrve's real-time processing can be delivered back to Eloqua, adding valuable behavioral indicators to all mobile app users. It’s fluid. It’s real time. And it’s a serious value add for any busy marketer that needs to be flexible and agile in their path to hitting goals. 

Oracle and Swrve have undoubtedly accomplished an admirable, and rare, feat: a partnership that takes our end users as seriously as they take their customers. This is proven in the tripling of mobile engagement and sharp increases in revenues seen by the global brands that rely on our partnership across campaigns. 

But don't just take my word for it—see Swrve in action. Request a demo to see how our platform delivers powerful relevance on mobile in real time.