Experienced mobile marketers know that data and analytics are foundational elements of mobile marketing strategies, from targeted engagement to measurement and campaign optimization. But what good is all this data if it just sits within the confines of your mobile platform? It’s time to share the wealth and amplify your successes!

Last week Swrve announced the availability of Amplify as a core part of the Swrve mobile engagement platform. Put simply, Amplify enables our customers to deliver more relevant omni-channel experiences than ever before, by integrating mobile behavioral data with your existing and future marketing systems. Here’s the initiallist of integrations that we are kicking off with in our private beta:

Amplify your Mobile Marketing Strategy

With Amplify, you can take a mobile first approach for informed decision making to maximize engagement and monetization across all channels, and with a single SDK. As part of the Swrve platform, Amplify enables you to share data from any source to inform any action in real-time. As a result it’s possible to deliver the most individualized experiences imaginable at every stage of the customer journey.

Amplify will enable Swrve customers to:

  • Augment legacy marketing automation systems with mobile user data
  • Eliminate data silos and enable holistic customer views by integrating user data from any source to be used for segmentation and targeting
  • Power cross-channel campaigns that leverage push notifications, in-app messaging, email, SMS or other messaging channels
  • Personalize the user experience and marketing messages using contextual information - e.g. weather data, traffic data, inventory info

Integrating Amplify with your marketing systems is just a click away. By bringing the data together from multiple marketing systems, we’re enabling the most powerful marketing solution available, with holistic customer views across all channels and devices.


Amplify your Mobile Marketing Strategy

To learn more about how you can orchestrate and automate mobile data and campaigns with your marketing systems, click here or contact your Swrve customer success manager today.