Our overall vision is about providing monetization and product managers with the tools they need to maximize in-app revenues and deliver outstanding experiences to their users. SwrveTalk is very much a part of that. The product supports the creation of marketing campaigns within the app, sending tailored messages to user groups as defined by Swrve segments (so in other words, pretty much any target group you can think of, incorporating multiple data types - demographic, behavioral and even acquisition source).

The possibilities of this approach are almost limitless. For example, SwrveTalk could be used to:

  • Send time-limited offers to players who have played the game for a specific period of time, visited the real currency shop at least 3 times, but not converted.
  • Show additional assistance to players stuck within a certain level of the game for a particular time period (and leave those progressing nicely alone)
  • Cross-promote other titles in a network at the right time - after monetization in the 'active' title has died off, or towards the end of a players natural lifespan

Because it's a Swrve product, SwrveTalk integrates with all our existing analytic capabilities and (of course) our 'test everything' approach means you can test alternative campaigns and messages to identify what works and what doesn't. In addition, we allow product managers to specify the precise points in any game or app at which messages can be shown, and limit message frequency and repetition to ensure marketing managers - who define the campaigns themselves - can't get carried away!

If you're interested in finding out more about SwrveTalk, drop us a line and we can arrange a demo. Look forward to talking to you!