Data is at the core of today’s digital landscape. 

Enterprise brands depend on a constant stream of data to make an impact in their customers’ lives. The ability to use that data to elevate customer experiences across popular channels (such as mobile, web, email, and OTT) is critical to meeting and exceeding revenue goals. 

For marketing and customer experience executives looking to stay ahead of the curve, the facts are clear. As Internet of Things (IoT) devices continue to evolve, a vast amount of data is being generated on the edge of many networks. The real path to saving time and cutting costs lies in the next generation of data management and customer experience: edge computing. 

In Argyle’s latest whitepaper, Enterprise Data Silos: Lost in the Cloud?, researchers explore how traditional cloud systems are doing less to help and more to hinder a brand’s ability to modernize communications and meet core KPIs. 

Download Argyle’s Enterprise Data Silos: Lost in the Cloud? whitepaper to learn:

  • how clouds limitations compromise modern customer experiences 
  • how global teams can stay ahead with past, present, and predictive data
  • what edge computing does to create real-time value for customers
  • how next-generation platforms amplify revenue-driven campaigns

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