Driving in-app purchases and increasing online sales can be a challenge for retailers. Apps are being opened, and items are being viewed, but not enough consumers are making it to checkout with their items in tow. There could be a variety of reasons for this—and to encourage more purchases in-app, it’s vital that the team responsible for mobile purchases solve pain points in key use cases, and create seamless paths to purchase for consumers.

Cart Abandonment Campaigns

Abandoned carts are not an uncommon occurrence for brands in mobile retail. 68% of shoppers abandon their carts at checkout—a massive loss in potential revenue. But rather than leave all abandoned carts as lost opportunities, brands that embrace this ready-made audience can improve mobile revenue by 20% or more. All from running a perfectly targeted, personalized campaign triggered by a user abandoning their cart before checkout.

A/B Test the UX/UI

One of the simplest ways to maximize purchases in your app is to double check your checkout process. Is it really as seamless as you think it is? Are there any areas where you could improve the experience, and make it as easy as possible for the consumer? Our advice is do not leave this to chance—let cold, hard data tell you where you can improve by A/B testing your checkout experience.

With Swrve try and test different experiences in your app without any development work or hardcoding. 

Use Geo to Encourage Store Visits

Help shoppers socially distance by creating a seamless click and collect function through your mobile app. Use geo-location to trigger a queueing system that let’s customers know that your store knows they’re there. Once their item is ready, or the store is able to let them in, trigger a message in real time to your customer, and avoid overcrowding.


Ramp Up Personalization

With people spending more time on apps than ever, now is the time for brands to step up and focus on creating customer experiences that connect them with their customers on personal, contextual levels. For retail apps looking to drive sales and increase revenues, it’s essential to ensure that messages, campaigns, and offers are targeted correctly, and tailored to the individual.

Using real-time properties, deliver messages seamlessly in-app that are targeted at the individual level, and seamlessly connected to that users’ experience. Take personalization one step further with images, personalized app experiences, and deep links to create customer experiences that are truly 1:1. 

At Swrve, we’ve seen customers in luxury retail generate $250,000 in one weekend using a campaign similar to what you see above. One in-app message, one weekend, $250k.

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