It’s easy to miss the useful articles amongst the deluge of content that is hurled at us. That’s why we thought it would be a good idea to put together a selection of the most useful, or at least interesting (we hope) blog posts from the past few months. With 2017 inevitably shaping up to be another exciting year for mobile, some of our recent blog posts have taken a look at what the future will look like. Others are just offering some good old fashioned tips, thoughts, ideas and best practices to help you get a head start in 2017.

Digital Assistants: The Move From Marketing To Service Provision and Becoming A Travel Companion: Building User Engagement In Travel Apps discuss the shift away from the hard sell and blast messaging of the (recent) bygone eras, to a more helpful and intelligent approach for interacting with users, based on personalised, contextual and timely messaging.

Longer Isn’t Always Better (When It Comes To Engagement On Mobile…) explains why shorter, but more frequent, sessions are the way forward for a lot of apps (but not all). How To Engage Millennials on Mobile (Not Just Kittens and Corgis) tackles the problematic issue of trying to please the elusive Generation Y through giving them the user experience they desire.

The changes to Apple’s subscription model was big news for the app world, and we took a look at what these changes were in Part One, and how to take advantage of them in Part Two of our blogs on the topic.

Some of the less talked about product features to get some long overdue love on the blog are Date Targeting, which enables even more timely interaction with users, and Deep Linking, otherwise known as the secret weapon of mobile marketing, known to drastically uplift actual purchases and revenue in apps. The True Value of A/B Testing: Data-Driven Optimization is also given the deep-dive treatment.

Finally we take great pleasure in sharing one of our many success stories of the year. One of the world’s largest airlines has extended its brand value across all marketing channels using mobile and Swrve.

Oh, and one more thing, if you haven’t already checked out Swrve’s Mobile Marketing Trends for 2017 whitepaper, I suggest you do so now!