The first time a new customer opens your app is probably the most critical five minutes for your brand’s success on mobile. A lot hinges on those first five minutes, and like any first impression it’s the deciding factor that can be difficult to come back from—it’s the instant a user decides whether they like your app or not. And with 80% of users abandoning apps within just 3 minutes of first use, it’s clear that this experience needs to get better for apps across industries.

Just as essential as making a good first impression is getting permissions that prove the value of your app. Getting access to location data, messaging permission, and access to camera or microphone is integral to app’s functionality, and without it, creates a lackluster customer experience. But when these requests are deployed incorrectly, it can feel a lot like your brand is hounding customers for more info, more data, and more commitment. It’s imperative to do this in the right way. They’ve just invested in downloading your app, so it’s up to you to impress them—and more than that—make sure that they understand how to use your app, get what they need from it, and recognize the value of using it.

There are a few areas that brands should pay attention to when looking to optimize their app’s first-time user experience:

  • Look at your existing process and how effective (or ineffective) it is
  • Perfect the welcome tour
  • Know that retention starts with relevant engagement
  • What are the key features that elevate the customer experience
  • Getting permissions integral to your app’s functionality

In the new How to Optimize the First-time User Experience Blueprint, Swrve’s mobile experts detail exactly how a global brand can improve their app’s introductory experience to generate immediate engagement, start retention on Day 1, and inspire revenue-driven actions that increase customer lifetime value (LTV). The campaigns listed in the blueprint are taken from Swrve’s most successful customers across telecoms, financial services, gaming, media and entertainment, and retail.

Download this blueprint now to get smart tips, expert guidance, and actionable insights for how to make the most of your app’s first-time user experience. 

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