The Point of Customer Satisfaction On Mobile


As consumers spend seven out of every ten digital minutes inside mobile apps, it is critical that your questions are triggered by behaviours in-app, and surveys are delivered and completed in-app. Use Swrve surveys to gather customer insights, and make better decisions for things like: Do people like the login? How about that new feature? How was your flight? This Blueprint walks you through how to do this successfully.

In Summary:

- Reimagine how you check in with your customers by focusing on: Who are you targeting? What is the correct moment to ask a question? Is the interaction simple to complete?

- Ryanair case study of how they use Swrve surveys as a core part of their 'Always Getting Better' initiative, with terrific results.

- What to do afterwards.


Take a look at the full Blueprint, and if you find it useful, take a look at the rest of our Blueprints.