The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits him or her and sells itself. Mobile gives brands the opportunity to individually wrap their brand around each customer through engagement.

Consider service messaging. Service messaging is typically an alert sent to a customer detailing an action they must take to complete a specific experience, or conversely, one that confirms that a necessary action has been completed. Examples of this include: bill payment reminders, transaction alerts, network alerts, delivery alerts, account updates, and other service-related communications. These messages are usually purely operational or transactional in nature.

But, as with everything in today’s experience economy, service messaging is just another layer of the deeply individualized and personalized connections that a brand has with their customers. Because anytime you speak to an individual app user or provide a service to a customer, you are making an impression, working to meet expectation, and actively creating opportunities for continued engagement with your brand. 

There are several reasons why service messaging is a perfect medium for strengthening brand loyalty, sparking action, and energizing your marketing campaigns:

  • The timing of most service messaging gives marketers an advantage; customers are often ready and willing to engage with these alerts because they are often time-sensitive, or related to events happening in real time
  • The helpful nature of service messaging can be a perfect opportunity to introduce to your customer to marketing-driven initiatives that customers can benefit from
  • The deeply personalized aspects of service messaging can be a perfect launching pad for even more tailored experiences that drive long-term engagement for your brand

What are the steps that marketers can take to capitalize on opportunities in service messaging? 

In the new Turning Service Messages into Your Best Marketing Blueprint, Swrve’s mobile experts detail exactly how a global brand can use service messages to generate greater awareness, inspire revenue-driven action, and create more paths to increased retention and customer lifetime value (LTV). The campaigns listed are the same ones that have helped triple mobile engagement for today’s leading brands. 

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