How to grow your mobile business by optimizing your first-time user experience (FTUE). We understand that it is hard working in mobile - there are so many jobs that you need to get done for your app to be a success. That’s why we’ve come up with Blueprints, to help you solve the individual jobs by sharing the experience we’ve gained over the years working with mobile leaders. The first in the series covers first-time user experience.

The simplest way to grow your mobile business is to optimize your app’s first-time user experience (FTUE). Why is this? Well, 25% of new users will open your app once and then never reappear again. If that’s not bad enough, 80% will probably disappear in less than 3 minutes of use. Put in this context, the first time a user opens your app is by far the most important time, and Swrve is here to help you make sure you are doing it right.

In this Blueprint we cover: why it is essential to focus on activating users; how to track performance (obsessively) using powerful analytics reports; what tools your growth team can use on-the-fly to communicate with users; and how to testing always improves your results.

Check out our First-Time User Experience Blueprint.