You’ve spent a huge amount of time and money to develop and release a new feature that you’re really proud of and….nobody is uses it. This could be because it’s not a feature that users really want/need, or could be because they just plain don’t know about it. This Blueprint explains how to test a feature’s impact before general release, and how to tell users about it in the right context once it is released.

In Summary: 

- Testing variants of the in-app experience of a new feature, by comparing how different sections of your user base respond, is vital. This can apply to experiments on everything from buttons to pricing, configuration settings or app UX. Experiment with a holdout group as well, where a certain amount of your users are not affected at all by the new feature.

- Introducing new features is going to deliver underwhelming at best results unless the right people know about them. Announcing new features in the context of real-time use in the app is especially powerful. Instagram did this particularly well when they released their new ‘combine your photos’ feature recently.

- Getting feedback from users is super important. Depending on their user journey, send an easy to complete mobile survey to find out if they liked or disliked the new feature and why. And further down the line, use analytics to track the impact of the feature on your KPIs.


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