Acquiring new customers is a huge investment for any company, especially during a global pandemic. What global enterprises need to think about when acquiring new users is how the cost will add up against the customer's total lifetime value. Below you can see analysis by Statista showing average acquisition cost breakdown based on the user experience and progress through the funnel:

Mobile user acquisition costs can vary across industries, and even operating systems. In a study by Start Up Talky, it was revealed that the average cost per user acquired in retail was about $10, but in telecoms it is around $315. 

This makes a strong onboarding and activation process key for users who are new to your app, but also puts engagement and retention strategies top of mind—after all what’s the point in acquiring new users, only for them to churn later?

Telefonica is one of the largest telecoms companies in the world by market capitalization and number of customers with a comprehensive offering and quality of connectivity that is delivered over world class, fixed mobile and broadband networks. The company has significant presence in 15 countries and over 352 million accesses around the world. 

Telefónica uses Swrve to send relevant, contextual real-time messages to advance customer experiences, optimize engagement, and drive high-value interactions across channels

For the Movistar Play app, Telefonica knew it had to implement a strong activation strategy, in combination with staggered, relevant messaging post activation to drive engagement and retention. With Swrve, Telefonica were able to target users in real time with relevant messaging based on whether or not they had interacted with the activation screen, increasing account logins by 5%.

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