As a leading provider of cross-platform entertainment, GSN Games designs experiences to fuel every player’s inner winner. Founded in 1999, the brand has evolved from a games site to a premier social, mobile, and online games company. One of GSN’s most popular apps, WorldWinner, is a hub for online cash tournaments that has prized out more than $1.5 billion to date, and a source for other top-ranked games, including Solitaire Rush. 

With over 47 million players worldwide, GSN Games needed a solution that could keep players engaged more frequently and coming back for more. They chose to partner with Swrve for its industry-leading mobile marketing and customer engagement offering. Since then, they’ve relied on Swrve to give them a real-time advantage for meeting individual player needs, acting on new in-game behaviors, and gathering key insights for smarter, contextual, more compelling player experiences.

With Swrve GSN Games saw results such as:

  • 32% increase in new game starts in WorldWinner
  • 18% increase in WorldWinner tournaments played
  • 37% increase in in-game deposits

“Personalized content and relevant messaging is what today’s consumers expect. The more personalized and automated we get with Swrve, the better our engagement becomes. Using Swrve’s optimal send- time feature is a no-brainer for us. It gets us so much engagement because it helps us direct users back to the game at the perfect time in their daily routine—not when they’re busy at work, but when they’re commuting or lounging at home.”

— Tom Hansbury, Associate Manager at GSN Games

To read the full case study, see here.