The mo’ is iconic.

It’s that extra bit of fuzz that seems to appear in waves once a year, right before your long awaited Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Thanksgiving. And if you’ve ever been brave enough to ask what the scruff was about—you’d know that it’s much more than a fashion statement. The Movember Foundation, the global non-profit dedicated to fighting preventable illnesses affecting men worldwide, have created a craze that’s actually worth following: growing and wearing a moustache in support of men’s health for the entire month of November (which they’ve affectionately dubbed Movember).

Movember is dedicated to putting a stop to all premature deaths caused by prostate cancer, testicular cancer, suicide, and other preventable illnesses. They have a goal, too. “By 2030, we’ll reduce the number of men dying prematurely by 25%,” Movember states proudly on their website, and you wouldn’t be alone if you were impressed by that tenacity. There are 5 million Mo Bros and Mo Sistas worldwide, all working in support of the cause. And with a hub of supporters in over 20 markets, it’s really important for Movember to reach everyone with messaging that will inspire enough action to keep us all on track for a healthier world in 2030.

This is where Swrve comes in.

Movember enlisted the help of Swrve to elevate their messaging to improve the reach and relevance of their fundraiser messaging in October 2018. And in just three months of using Swrve, Movember tripled their mobile engagement amongst Android users, saw over 90,000 opens on promotional push messaging (across iOS and Android), and enjoyed a 48% increase in email revenue as a result of a multichannel approach to messaging. These successes are not mere happenstance—they are a result of a calculated approach to mobile, a sound awareness of experiences across channels, and a really convenient integration with Oracle Eloqua.

In just three months of using Swrve, Movember tripled their mobile engagement.

But we’re skipping ahead here. There’s a lot you still need to know about the campaigns Movember decided to run, the smart way they connected mobile and email engagement, and the core of why Movember’s Business Analyst and technical implementation lead said Swrve is, “literally been one of the best marketing tech vendors” he’s ever worked with. Get all the details in the full case study. There’s a few gems listed you might even pocket as inspo for your next big campaign.

Swrve is excited to continue our work with Movember in 2019 and beyond. If it’s anything that we can get behind, it’s helping to connect people everywhere with a cause that’s truly worth fighting for. Our employees are passionate about the work Movember does, and so we’ll continue to support their efforts with amazing campaigns their participants will love, and rally as a team to spread the word during that very special time of every calendar year: Movember. Scruff, fuzz, mo’s, and all.

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