Cart abandonment alone causes ecommerce brands to lose a staggering $18 billion in yearly sales revenue, according to Forrester research. With $4 trillion worth of merchandise predicted to be abandoned in digital carts this year alone, cart abandonment has become an issue that ecommerce organizations can no longer afford to ignore. And with consumers shopping online more than ever, driving conversion is even more essential in a post-Covid world.

This is why Swrve is excited to announce a new integration with Shopify. Brands who use Shopify to host their ecommerce sites can now use Swrve to stay connected with their customers online and on mobile. By sending personalized, targeted messages based on real-time Shopify shopper data, sellers can dramatically increase conversion rates and decrease abandoned carts.

Shopify is an ecommerce platform that allows anyone to set up an online store and sell their products. Set up Shopify with Swrve to build simple connections for webhooks around your order lifecycle. You can then use this data to power messaging across lifecycle or transactional campaigns for more real-time, personalized engagement with your customers.

Increase Retention with Personal Connections

Create personal, contextual experiences for your customers when they interact with or complete an event on your site or in your mobile app. Shopify users can send custom events, such as purchases, favorite items, and recent searches from Shopify to Swrve to trigger and target personal, relevant web notifications. 

Use as Part of a Multichannel Strategy

Integrate the personal web notifications triggered in Swrve by Shopify events into your larger customer experience by coordinating across mobile and web channels to create an end experience that is relevant for every customer. 

Take Personalization Further

Use Shopify shopper data to deliver real-time and personalized abandoned cart, shipping confirmation, or promotional cross-channel campaigns on Swrve.


To learn more about Swrve’s Shopify connector, read our documentation here
As always, we want to help you meet your messaging goals and deliver customer experiences that create loyalty. Contact us today and let us know how we can help!