Swrve is an integration partner with Tealium, the universal data hub.  At the Digital Velocity event in London last week we talked with hundreds of marketing, customer experience, and data experts from some of Europe’s leading brands about how Swrve unlocks the power of real-time relevance on mobile. It was a great event and sparkied valuable insight and observations from the Swrve team:

Traditional retailers have a lot of catching up to do

Without naming names, it felt like a number of traditional retailers struggle to put in place strategic plans to collect, connect, and capitalize on their customer data. There’s a palpable sense that they’ve been left behind by digital-first competitors who have zoomed past them to take a sizeable share of the millennial and digital natives markets. Of course this is something they’ve realized and are addressing to avoid losing market share, and falling further behind. One very large British retailer voiced that less than 1% of their digital sales come from mobile. Using platforms like Tealium and Swrve is a great way to start delivering the digital experiences that today’s customers want!

What really matters is what they do with their data

There was a huge focus on unifying data and creating a single customer view, and rightfully so, this is one of the most important things a brand should be doing right now. However, most people we spoke to admitted that did not think their brand is doing enough with customer data that they’re collecting. That’s why there was so much interest in the capabilities of the Swrve customer engagement platform, which enables action to be taken on collected data, by delivering interactions and experiences to highly targeted individuals in real-time. All that data that has been sitting around in various silos for years is now no longer impotent.

Expectations need to be balanced

I attended one talk in the main auditorium, hosted by an experienced director of an agency, who claimed that personalized customer experiences across channels is something that we can and should be doing. Of course he’s not wrong. A room full of data analysts and customer experience managers politely applauded and nervously looked at each others reactions knowing that it’s not as easy as waving a wand and magically falling into place. However, it is possible, and Swrve is one platform that can transform what you do with your mobile data.


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