Positive customer experiences are core to the success of global telecoms. But with so many customers scattered all over the globe, managing each and every individual experience, subscription, and opportunity for growth can seem overwhelming, if not impossible. Customer expectations around immediacy, simplicity, and personalized interactions are getting higher each day. Collecting data isn’t the issue—most global telecom brands are swimming in first and third party data. Instead, it’s knowing how to leverage that data, understanding how to keep ahead of key engagement trends, and having the ability to act on new events with perfect timing that will determine a telecom’s ability to capture tomorrow’s market share. 

There’s a lot at stake, but there is a proven path toward better experiences, bigger upsells, and higher satisfaction scores across mobile, email, and web. Explore our latest ebook, Global Telecom Multichannel Marketing Strategies 2020: Real Campaigns from Real Swrve Customers. Read it, and you’ll learn what’s working for Telefonica, Digicel, Three UK, and other leading telecom brands in their quest to transform customer experiences for bigger, better outcomes on today’s most popular channels. 

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  • how to effectively scale 1:1 engagement across millions of customers worldwide 
  • how to use first and third party data to deliver smarter, more meaningful engagement
  • the true impact of A/B testing, and which testing variables matter most for revenue-driven campaigns
  • what it takes to modernize the path to purchase on mobile for smarter, more seamless transactions
  • how to inspire deeper customer loyalty by acting on individual needs in real time, at scale

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