An estimated 3 billion people will gain access to a smartphone by 2020, with the majority of those people using their phone as their primary way of getting online. This makes mobile (and it’s subsidiary channels) the best place for brands to truly connect with their consumers. 

The result is that this connection has irrevocably changed paths to purchase for global brands, and resulted in revenue increases by up to 3x. But this connection falls dead if brands do not fully utilize mobile as part of their overall marketing stack, and commit to enriching their mobile messages with relevant, real-time information for their customers.

Which is why we’re delighted to announce that Swrve CSO, Barry Nolan will be delivering a keynote presentation on July 25th at this month’s Platform F in Facebook’s European headquarters. Under this month’s theme of ‘Disrupting the Market: App and Mobile First’, Barry will be speaking on the considerations brands need to create successful experiences on mobile channels, using tried-and-tested examples from the Swrve customer playbook, as well as some of the key lessons Swrve has learned from it’s installation into over 4 billion apps across industries. 

About Barry

Barry has been working in the mobile marketing industry for as long as it has existed. First with Converser, and now as Chief of Strategy at Swrve. He has spent much of the last eight years advising some of the world's largest brands on how to grow their digital business in the era of mobile-first, app-centric world. 

About Platform F

Platform F is a monthly series of inspiring talks, training, and networking designed to help brands grow their business using Facebook’s vast network of technologies and integrations.