Customers are becoming used to seamless and simple interactions on mobile. They expect to get what they are looking for at the touch of a button. Smart brands understand that making this happen is the key to mobile success, and they do so by delivering personalized, customized interactions - at just the right time.

One major benefit of mobile is the ability to know where people are, and (for marketers) the ability to use that information to structure your mobile marketing campaigns. This has some obvious benefits for marketers and consumers alike. Simply knowing where people are or where they’ve been allows you to create much richer and more developed user profiles, and that means consumers will no longer be targeted with advertising about anything and everything, and marketers should receive higher higher click through rates due to customers receiving information that is relevant specifically to them and the place they’re in.

Within the Swrve platform we currently support location-based campaigns based on the geo-fence, which enables the targeting of mobile users based on their entering or exiting a location. This is really important for a variety of verticals, but it should be no surprise that in retail specifically location campaigns are hugely popular. Think, for example, of a department store targeting shoppers that have just entered a shopping centre, incentivising them with an exclusive offer in store.

These types of campaigns can increase engagement and response rates by over 40%, and can perform even more effectively when matched with intent. Sure, when a customer enters your establishment, it’s probably because he or she is looking for something - but when you can combine location information with prior browsing behavior (on any channel) that can make for really relevant, personalized and effective campaigns.

You can use Location-based Campaigns to:

·      Increase customer engagement – target users when they enter a geofence to provide a custom welcome or inform them about local promotions.

·      Assist Users – provide updates to users about service delays or issues related to the location they entered.

·      Improve conversion – send location-specific offers to users who are within the range of a selected geofence.

·      Cross-promote – generate additional revenue by promoting similar products using audience targeting. Use deeplinks to send the user to any desired location, such as a website, social network or other title in your portfolio.

Intent is one of the most powerful pieces of information that a customer can provide you. Combine that with relevance and context and you’ll have a winning formula to guide the customer through their journey with success.