Here’s a little-known fact: when Swrve was founded in 2011, we were all about games. And today, we’re still among the top analytics, A/B testing and marketing platforms supporting leaders in the games industry.

We are all about games because in 2011 games dominated the world of mobile apps, and they were the industry vertical that really, REALLY cared about user retention and conversion.

And we’re still #1 because our product has always been the one platform that games businesses need to maximize monetization rates. If you have a team dedicated to driving in-game revenues, Swrve is the solution your team needs. It was built that way.

But it’s not just about the product. In any industry vertical, we’ve always been as interested in people (and their behaviors) as the product. Swrve customers know that the value we deliver derives from our customer success team and the vast amounts of experience they bring, specifically to the unique challenges relating to mobile games.

In short, we’ve learned what works, and seen what doesn’t!

We enjoy working with the world’s leading games developers and new games businesses join them every day. We continue to develop campaigns that significantly move the needle on the numbers that matter in gaming. And now we’re sharing some of our secrets.

Our new eBook, “Five Campaigns That Drive Revenues In Mobile Games” looks at specific campaigns that maximize player value at every state of the customer lifecycle. 

And if you're attending GDC this year, make sure to visit us at booth #1656.