If you ask any British consumer where to buy personalized greetings cards online, their answer will likely be Funky Pigeon. Since its formation in 2008, and sale to WHSmith in 2010, Funky Pigeon has seen unparalleled growth in sales and market share, with tens of thousands of designs and products available via its website and app.

Funky Pigeon specializes in helping customers celebrate memorable moments with bespoke gifts and cards for any occasion. The greeting cards giant offers same-day despatch with over 93% of products delivered the next day from its 36,000 sq ft production facility.

The company continues to invest in customer experience and mobile technology and is always looking for new opportunities to provide innovative and creative products to its customers. Funky Pigeon is proud to play a role in connecting people with those they care about most.

The Challenge

Funky Pigeon is one of the UK’s most recognized brands, but increased competition during the pandemic meant it needed a time-sensitive solution to support innovation and growth.

Personalization is at the core of the brand’s value proposition so continually optimizing the digital experience is crucial to surface suitable offerings to the right customer at the right time.

Moreover, the solution needed not to over-rely on the development team.

Campaign Scalability

“We needed an agile mobile marketing solution that could meet our ever-shifting requirements. In e-commerce, changes happen rapidly, so we couldn’t afford to spend time building and executing campaigns the way we did with our previous supplier.”

The brand needed a sophisticated solution to execute real-time campaigns based on user behavior. And with such diverse audience segments, scalability was paramount.

Relevant Recommendations

Funky Pigeon has a multitude of product categories available. As purchases are occasion-driven rather than item-driven, it can be challenging to pinpoint when users have an affinity for specific categories.

“We need more insights into what product recommendations are working to deliver targeted experiences based on upcoming occasions customers might celebrate.”

Automating Personalization

Timely, contextual, and individualized notifications are necessary for the brand to boost revenue and customer LTV.

If a user had been browsing a particular category on the mobile app and did not follow through with a purchase within the next 24 hours, Funky Pigeon wanted to reach the user with a personalized in-app message the next time they were active in the app.

The Solution

Through advanced retargeting techniques, Funky Pigeon sends hyper-personalized in-app messages to users containing content relevant to their recent browsing behavior.

To avoid the risk of spamming users with other similar active campaigns, the team created a rule to eliminate users who purchased a product within the last week or received an abandoned cart notification in the previous 24 hours.

Using Swrve, Funky Pigeon moves beyond generic segmentation by capturing individual user actions to deliver deeply personalized content in real-time.

The automated process means marketing and development teams have more time to focus their energy on creating better customer experiences.

“Swrve transforms how we personalize in real-time. We automate sending in-app messages to users after they view a specific product or category, instantly deep linking them to the relevant section of the app.”


High Engagement

Funky Pigeon saw a higher than industry average engagement rate of 15% with their personalized birthday card campaign.

“We wanted a solution that was flexible, sophisticated, and scalable in a way that was simple to use and understand. We found all of that and more in Swrve.”

We are delighted to partner with Funky Pigeon to help them scale their operations and achieve their engagement goals.

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