As we’ve said before, one thing we pride ourselves on at Swrve is selling ROI, rather than just software. But, of course, there is no point patting yourselves on the back for outstanding ROI figures if they are not totally accurate. Which brings us to the difficult question - when can you really attribute a successful outcome to a push notification campaign? Is it only immediately following the click? Or any time within a week of deployment? Even a month? Often, identifying attribution can resemble the kid at school who has broken their spectacles at recess (again) trying to read the blackboard from the back of the class.

Thankfully Swrve’s ‘custom attribution for push’ helps give you a certain amount of control over your analysis. It offers you the ability to specify exactly how you’ll measure the success and ROI of your mobile push campaigns by giving you control of the ‘attribution window’. This can be anytime from one hour after deployment, to thirty one days - and you can therefore change the attribution window depending what kind of campaign you are running.

So whilst you can still choose longer attribution periods for some campaigns (think expensive purchases), if you’re looking to influence a time-limited campaign, you can limit your attribution window to just the relevant period. In other words, you’re able to define attribution rules precisely, and as a result get a clear idea as to whether that ‘one-day-only’ flash sale was a success because of a push notification.

As always, Swrve enables you to specify target outcomes for any campaign and view key metrics for audiences who have viewed or clicked each variant in a campaign, so you have total control and clarity when it comes to push reporting. With this level of insight, you’ll soon be able to optimize your push campaigns, based on cold, hard data, to increase your ROI further.

If you’d like to know more about this, please get in touch with our friendly team here.