We often get asked about getting started with Swrve. How long does it take? How much work will I have to put in? Here’s the answer: it requires one line of code to get started - and I can describe the integration process in about 300 words.

Swrve customers know that integrating Swrve initially requires just one line of code:


With this line Swrve will automatically download your message campaigns and start reporting on your DAU/MAU, retention, and re-engagement numbers (en-masse and on a per-cohort basis). You can also view these metrics on a segment by segment basis with our default user properties: device information, os version, app version, number of sessions, and lifetime minutes in app. Swrve segmentation tool allows you to make segmentations out of any combination of the above. That’s a lot of analytics for very little effort.


This works because our SDK, whose code base is available to all customers, nicely handles the heavy lifting of assigning user ids and sending the user action data to the Swrve servers. But the really great thing about Swrve is that adding additional functionality is just as easy. Just one more line for each event you want tracked:


[[Swrve sharedInstance]event:@“my_first_event”];


Another for updating user properties (standard attributes such as device, OS, screen size and so on):


[[Swrve sharedInstance] userUpdate:@{@"health":@100,@"gold":@20}];


Add with minimal effort you have an unified mobile app marketing platform at your disposal - with exactly as much or as little sophistication as you desire (safe in the knowledge that you can always add events in the future)

Yep - it’s that easy!