We’re looking forward to being a sponsor at Casual Connect London this year, where the leading minds in games will gather to explore everything new in the industry, from design and development, to growth and live ops.

And when it comes to growth and live ops, there’s no better tool than Swrve. It’s what our mobile marketing platform was built to do: understanding the needs of hundreds of millions of individual players in real time, enabling impactful decisions to be made confidently on the fly, and driving monetization, engagement, and player retention.

Whether it’s optimizing the first-time user experience by A/B testing variants of game difficulty, maximizing the game economy by definitively discovering which store layout converts best, or engaging players with relevant messaging based on their individual behaviors, Swrve has you covered to reach the next level of player experiences and interactions.

We’ve worked with the world’s biggest and best freemium mobile games for the past decade, from EA and Sony, to Playrix and Glu, so come and chat to us at Casual Connect in London where we can really explore with you how we can help your game grow.

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As you prepare for Casual Connect, check out this infographic of the Swrve Monetization Report 2019.