As the holiday season approaches, here at Swrve we’ve been thinking about the traditional holiday and Black Friday marketing campaigns that are already clogging up our inboxes, notification centres, and mobile screens. Remember when a 10% discount was enough to grab your attention? Now our inboxes are filled with 50%, 60%, and 70% discounts…and they still go ignored. To compete with sales, engagement, and click-through rates from the year before, the discounts get larger and the sales get louder. But with more and more discounts being piled on (and more messages being ignored), it begs the question—how sustainable is this model for future years?

And this is not to say that you should take our word for it—retailers have long reported that these kinds of blast promotional campaigns are showing less and less success year after year. And while this has an obviously negative impact on the brand's revenues during this critical period, it also has a huge impact on brand awareness and reputation. Brands that once prided themselves on ‘value promises’ and ‘brand reputation’ are falling into the trap of a ‘pile it high, and sell it cheap’ mentality. 

Not to mention that all the while, consumer expectations are at an all time high, and rising exponentially year after year. Customer experiences are now the battleground where brands will win or lose. And it’s a losing battle at the moment, with around a 10% engagement rate on messaging, brands are effectively teaching their customers to ignore 90% of their messages. 

But there’s a better way. 

Be Personal at Every Stage of the Customer Journey

Exceed your customers’ expectations by sending them messages that are truly relevant, useful, and valuable to create better, not more, customer experiences. 

At Swrve we encourage all of our customers to deliver personal, relevant customer experiences to every customer. With Swrve, brands can identify, predict and respond to real-time needs, behaviors, and events on app or web to trigger unique, valuable campaigns at the right moment. 

One Swrve customer, a luxury brand in retail used Swrve’s targeting and triggering engine to deliver a push campaign to lapsing users, that is users who have not been active in-app for between 30 and 45 days. Using dynamic personalization, the push notification reminded user of credit available in-store, and took users to a personalized in-app message with a unique coupon code that was seamlessly pulled from the clients offer management system.

This campaign ran for just one weekend and generated some incredible results:

  • 15% click-through rate
  • 13% conversion on engaged users
  • $470,263 in revenue

To learn more about dynamic personalization and embedded experiences talk to one of our experts