A Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a unified customer database that is accessible to other systems. It builds a central source for customer profiles by integrating data from a multitude of data sources including (but this is far from comprehensive): marketing clouds, attribution providers, websites, social media, email, and of course mobile. In other words, any customer action from any integrated source is collected in a single customer view, in real time, in the CDP. Data from one source can then be easily used to enrich data in another source, helping organizations avoid data silos which lead to disconnected customer journeys. 

Why Does This Matter? 

The more you know about your customers, the better positioned you are to serve them a better customer experience. And in the 21st century, focusing on customer experience is no longer optional. It has become a fundamental component of brand success, filtering through every stage of the customer journey. Unifying customer data across that entire journey ensures more relevant communications and experiences that customers expect, driving engagement instead of interruptions, and conversions instead of churn. 

How Does Swrve Work With a CDP? 

It’s no secret that mobile devices have transformed everyday life. And so knowing your customer means knowing what they are doing on mobile. This is where Swrve comes in. The Swrve behavioral SDK is capable of tracking every individual user’s behavior in real time at scale, recording every action taken (or not taken), and unlocking their unique intent. 

Our integrations with CDPs like Segment, Tealium, and mParticle mean that this treasure trove of data is passed in real time to the CDP to update the single customer view, where it can be used to enrich other solutions. So, if somebody has searched in the mobile app for flights to Hawaii 3 times in the past 7 days for 2 adults and 3 children in October, you can use this data to enrich a variety of other campaigns on other channels. 

All data from the CDP’s single customer view can be passed in real time to Swrve, enriching mobile push notifications and in-app messages with otherwise siloed and therefore unknown information. For example, a shopper abandoned their purchase for Adidas Samba shoes on the website yesterday. Swrve can use this information to deliver a relevant cart abandonment push notification

In conclusion: customer data is at the center of all relevant interaction. Without it, you’re basically just guessing and hoping for the best. With Swrve’s ability to integrate with CDPs, you can scale first- and third-party data-based communications with confidence. It’s relevance in action, with better touches delivered wherever and whenever a customer chooses to interact with your brand. 

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