We've always been delighted to work with flaregames. Nobody understands the importance of delivering awesome user experience quite like they do, and we've got the man hours playing Royal Revolt to prove it. So we're equally delighted to see our relationship covered in App Developer Magazine today.

A couple of highlights:

“The boost to player retention cannot be overestimated,” said Gunnar Lott, communications director of flaregames. “From day one, Swrve showed us where we could do better. It’s a critical tool that allows our developers to pour creativity into work that actually improves gameplay and keeps players in the games.”


“Partnering with Swrve has been critical to our growth and evolution as a game publisher,” said Klaas Kersting, CEO of flaregames. “Our number one focus is always on the quality of the player experience, and Swrve’s ability to actively optimize that experience is absolutely key. The ability to talk directly to our players and help them along the path to conversion only adds to the appeal of the Swrve approach. It’s a new ‘active management’ approach that represents a quantum leap in the way we think about game development.”