One thing we pride ourselves on at Swrve is selling ROI - rather than just software. We know that standard procedure in large areas of tech ecosystem is to cease all communications the moment the contract is signed, but we like to feel we’re better than that. And perhaps more importantly, the large enterprises we typically work with wouldn’t accept it.

That’s why we continue to invest in our already-awesome customer success team. And it is also why we’re delighted to include the ability to create holdout groups - and conduct holdout experiments - in order to demonstrate the actual ROI of the Swrve platform.

Holdout  Experiments Group settings

What does that mean in practice? It is really fantastically simple. We enable any of our customers to set aside a randomly selected percentage of their mobile user base and remove them from any and all Swrve campaigns. By then viewing the uplift of the ‘active’ group against this ‘passive’ group, our customers can then see exactly what is being added by Swrve and their mobile marketing effort in general.

Why This Matters

As noted above, this is not necessarily complex. But we believe it speaks volumes about our approach to delivering mobile success to our customers. Anyone can deliver stylish Powerpoint and talk through a list of features. It takes a more confident software vendor to lay bare the actual, global results delivered by the platform - and it indicates that at Swrve we are 100% convinced that we can make mobile marketing succeed for pretty much any organization under the sun.

We’ve seen spectacular results with some early adopters of this approach, with active groups showing KPI increases of 10% or even 20% over the dormant ‘non Swrve’ alternative. And even if initial results are not as expected, it merely informs our Customer Success team about the right approach for future campaigns.

Holdout Vs Treatment Results analytics table

After all holdout groups are more than just a way to prove that your money was well spent. They provide a great way to look at figures and establish where there is room for improvement. For our customers, they are just the start of the journey.

If you’d like to know more about holdout groups, you can contact us here for more information or speak to your Customer Success representative.