It doesn't matter what the context, great conversations start with listening. In our day to day world we know this is the case. We don't open our mouths without considering our previous interactions and experiences with the person we’re speaking to. And of course, we're always taking account of the world around us, which is why we don't offer a friend an umbrella on a sunny day, or a high five when they've just missed a flight.

Human beings set a high standard. Which is probably why marketing - for most consumers - feels so dumb. And why it feels pretty ineffective for most marketers. Swrve Amplify is going to change all that.

The Swrve Philosophy

As a business, we started from a simple position: that mobile marketing - and great mobile conversations - required us to collect as much data as possible relating to mobile app usage. And we've been true to that vision. For some customers we are collecting billions of events every day. That's a lot of data, and we deliver some pretty relevant campaigns as a result.

But the world isn't that simple. Customers are people, and people keep on doing the darndest things - even in 2015! Like using their phone to research the purchases they make in the real world. Or browsing on desktop before buying on mobile. We store data on those people in all sorts of places, and as a result they become a sort of digital 'ghost'. An entity that we perceive differently depending on our viewpoint and can never quite get our hands on.

Previous attempts to solve that problem have been painful to say the least. They have typically involved laboriously moving data from one place to another, duplicating it, batching it, leaving it to sit around for a while and go out of date, and in one way or another, made a mess of the job.

Enter Swrve Amplify

We're out to change all that.

Swrve Amplify is simple enough, really. We’ll be delivering out-of-the-box, real-time connectivity between every data source you currently use… and a few you haven't even thought of yet. That's it. But what this means is that mobile campaigns, and indeed those delivered over any other channel, will be fully aware of everything they need to know about the customer. He or she is no longer a ghost, but a 'real’ human being.

And that's not all. Swrve Amplify will fold in real-time data about the world around that human being, too. As mentioned above - I may know you don't like getting caught in the rain, but it doesn't make sense to offer you an umbrella unless it's raining. By bringing in data about the real world alongside the full customer profile, we're able to give the marketer the full picture of the consumer and the environment they find themselves in at any specific moment in time.

Of course Swrve already lets you make decisions based on things that happen in the mobile world. Amplify now allows us to pick and choose from all of the non mobile data and fold that into our decisions and campaigns.

The result is putting the world in the marketer’s hands - and more relevant, more targeted, and more effective campaigns than ever before. Amplify will be launched in Q1 2016. Check our site here for more details.