Ever wanted to send emails to your users and customers based on their mobile app behavior? We asked our customers and the answer came loud and clear: “YES”!

That stands to reason. We work with large enterprises, who themselves operate in multiple channels. They want to deliver seamless, integrated and awesome experiences across the board, and they certainly don’t fancy tearing out existing, working infrastructure to do it.

So we are delighted to announce that Swrve now supports both the delivery of email, and the addition of users to email lists for future use, in response to pretty much any action on the mobile app. That’s useful for all sorts of reasons and supports all sorts of use cases:

  • Send a welcome email after a customer completes a registration process in the app.
  • Follow-up with an email message (after an appropriate time of your choosing) when a mobile app customer abandons an item in the cart.
  • Add users who browse men’s fashion on mobile to a ‘men’s fashion’ email list for future use.

It all adds up to this: for the first time, your email campaigns - built with your existing best-of-breed email marketing platform - can now be informed by mobile activity in real-time.

This being Swrve of course, there’s significantly more involved, including the ability to set a delay on triggered email delivery (six hours after an abandoned cart, for example) and the ability to dynamically insert Swrve user data into emails built elsewhere. Our enterprise clients demand that level of sophistication.

If you’d like to know more, you can follow this link or better yet speak to a friendly Swrve person today.