This week at WWDC, Apple unveiled new privacy features designed to give users more choice and control over the ways marketers and app developers can track and target them on iOS devices. This will undoubtedly pose new challenges to marketers who have leaned heavily on surreptitious tracking and targeting in the past, but savvy mobile brands need not be caught flat-footed. At Swrve, we’ve built our platform from the ground up to create great experiences on mobile devices, with privacy as a central consideration of everything we do. 

Great customer experiences do not rely on sneaky tricks to get results. Rather than depend on doomed technologies like IDFA, Swrve-empowered apps deliver deeply relevant experiences that deliver engagement across the user lifecycle, creating compelling first time user experiences that increase opt-ins, more relevant, native engagement that feels like a natural part of the app experience, and—importantly—measurable lift in conversion and monetization. All this with the user’s privacy and personal choices in mind. Succeeding in the new mobile reality means giving up dirty tricks and doubling down on the fundamentals that create valuable moments for users.

Always Deliver Contextual Experiences, Not Batch-and-Blast

As users become more educated about how their data and behaviors can be tracked by app developers, developers and marketers must focus on the value they’re offering in exchange for the user’s consent. Swrve-enabled apps typically use a combination of in-app messages, intuitive campaign experiences that feel like conversations (and yes, we call these Conversations), and rich push messages that drive tap-throughs with relevant GIFs and images. All these elements are delivered with relevant, real-time context to add value to each individual users' experience.

Test and Optimize Every Aspect of Your App

With solid A/B testing and segmentation driven from the data in your own tech stack, Swrve makes it easy to identify the events and user properties that matter in your app, and use those factors to give your users the great experiences they crave—whether it’s spotting that nearby restaurant location that has the takeout meals they love, breezing through airport security to catch a last-minute flight, or catching an in-game power boost just at the moment they need it. These are experiences worth opting in for, and Swrve helps your app tell that story to your users to earn the opt-ins for you.

Optimize Onboarding for Seamless Activation

Winning ad traffic is a perennial challenge for marketers, but too many ad clicks result in immediate bounces due to poor ad-to-app experiences. With Swrve’s ad-to-app capabilities, users clicking through from a Facebook ad see a harmonious continuation of their journey, as they’re greeted by content designed in conjunction with the ad they saw. These seamless experiences boost conversions in a way that feels like you’re doing users a favor rather than forcing them through a funnel.

Users deserve great experiences, and the major mobile platforms are doing their part by giving users more choices and more transparency about the ways they’re tracked and targeted. Swrve is here to help mobile brands elevate those experiences in a rapidly changing landscape. If you’re a Swrve customer looking for guidance on best practices for iOS and Android, reach out to your Customer Success Manager for a briefing. If you’d like to learn more about Swrve, we’ll be happy to give you a demo.