You can learn a lot about someone from how they behave in the mobile app. Segmentation based on previous behavior in the app is, and always will be, incredibly powerful. But it can only go so far. To be specific, it isn’t much help when we want to target an audience based on:

  • Things that are going to happen in the future, and
  • Things that aren’t happening in the mobile app itself

To understand why that matters, let’s look at two simple examples of mobile marketing opportunities that require this kind of insight - examples where significant revenue is on the line.

In travel, knowing the date on which a particular user is flying (no matter which channel they bought the ticket on) enables the business to deliver smart mobile campaigns not just relating to check-in, but also offering discounts on upgrades and additional services such as car hire and accommodation. In this context, being able to identify “all users who are flying between 24 and 48 hours from now” is hugely beneficial.

Along the same lines, in telco, being able to identify all customers with a contract expiring in the next 3 months offers a fantastic opportunity to proactively upsell onto the next contract via the mobile, delivering interactive material that really sells that next smartphone!

It’s A Date: Mobile Marketing In The Real World

What is Date Targeting?

It’s simple. Date Targeting enables Swrve customers to filter based on any relevant date associated with the user. As always, that segmentation can then be used to target push notification or  in-app campaigns. As you would expect, it enables marketers to automate campaigns that target users based on the date of relevant events in the past or future.

And those events don’t have to have taken place in the app (after all, an app can’t fly me to Barcelona just yet). Swrve has always pioneered the real-time, dynamic sharing of data across multiple platforms and channels. Combining that ability with date targeting means marketers can finally deliver mobile campaigns that remind the user at just the right time about what they’re up to in the wider world - and how they can improve their experience!

It’s a great addition to our messaging capabilities that will certainly make time related campaigns more targeted and easier to roll out.