Swrve works with the world’s largest brands in the media and entertainment industry, ensuring they deliver a seamless customer experience when delivering messages across channels like push, SMS, email, OTT, and more. Our experts are looking forward to sharing insights around real-time relevance across channels at the upcoming OTT_X Summit in Los Angeles. 

While there, we’ll be delivering key strategies that have proven successful for brands across industries, including Cinedigm’s success with Swrve.

Cinedigm chose Swrve to send hyper-relevant campaigns to the users of their Dove channel. These campaigns ranged from personalized push messages, rich and informative in-app messaging, to deeply targeted requests for app store ratings, all the while gaining valuable intel around individual viewer interests, demographics, and preferences via surveys sent to its most engaged users.

The results of these campaigns speak for themselves—a full lift in Google Play Store app ratings (from 2.5 to 4.1), 65% of all engaged subscribers opening push campaigns and clicking to watch new Dove Channel content via in-app messaging, and more. See the full case study here.

While Cinedigm’s success speaks for itself, the results of their hyper-relevant targeting campaign are a key indication of where the media and entertainment industry is headed in the very near future. Brands that adopt a multichannel marketing strategy embedded with real-time relevant targeting and triggering will see revenue growth 3x faster and profit growth over 200x faster than the S&P 500. 

Learn more about this success, and others like it, at this inaugural OTT_X event on July 16th in Los Angeles. Attendees will take part in two days of executive networking, trading insights and strategies with the world’s biggest brands in media and entertainment, and addressing some of the industry’s key challenges.

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