Last week, the Swrve team traveled to Chicago to attend the 2019 Salesforce Connections Conference. 

Salesforce showcased the newest technologies being developed to help brands in digital marketing and customer experience efforts. The conference was a great indication of the new ways in which businesses are creating personalized experiences that deliver – and exceed – their growth goal over the next year.

Here are a few of the top takeaways from the conference.

1. Exceeding Customer Expectations Requires Real-time Relevance 

Meeting customer expectations across channels and devices is a hot topic this year, and it’s no surprise why. Brands that create seamless connections with their customers across devices, channels, and clouds are continuously coming out on top month after month. But as expectations around immediacy and value continue to rise, and it’s up to brands to pivot and evolve their marketing strategy to incorporate real-time relevance, the approach proven to help brands deliver on individual customer needs and desires wherever and whenever they choose to interact with them. Swrve uses real-time relevance to remove limits on a brand’s reach and impact, break down data silos in technology stacks, and deliver the valuable, 1:1 customer experiences needed to keep brands relevant in today’s experience economy.

2. Collecting Data Isn’t Enough  

There was a huge focus on unifying data and creating single, 360º degree view of your customer at Salesforce Connections. However, most brands are not doing enough with the customer date that they are collecting. The Swrve customer engagement platform peaked attendees interest because of our platform capabilities which enable brands to take action on collected data. With Swrve leading global brands deliver interactions and experiences to highly targeted individuals in real-time. All that data that’s been lying dormant in various silos for years is finally made uniquely valuable and powerful when it’s maximized by real-time processing and segmentation, and combined with enterprise-grade targeting and triggering in Swrve.

3. Multichannel Touchpoints are Key

Brands need to adapt and meet their customers across channels, devices, and clouds. Swrve enables Salesforce users to maximize data in Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Salesforce Service Cloud to deliver mobile experiences that pair perfectly with email and web campaigns. With Swrve brands have a complete view of customers’ behaviors and how they’re interacting with their brand. With this ability, brands can identify, predict, and anticipate customer needs with relevant messages delivered in real time. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Swrve have created a partnership that benefits brands and their customers—one rooted in convenience, speed, and valuable, data-driven connections across channels. This is never more evident than when NETGEAR generated a 320% lift in new upsell revenue and saw a 170% increase in engagement within 40 days of integrating Swrve with Salesforce. 

For more information about our deep integration with Salesforce, or any of the other Swrve features that help drive real-time relevance with your customers, schedule a demo with our experts.