Oracle's Modern Customer Experience, which took place March 19-22, united over 4,000 professionals in marketing, sales, service, and commerce. We each had one thing in common: we all strive to create legendary customer experiences across devices. And as an Oracle Marketing Cloud partner, Swrve’s presence there emphasized the strength in reliability, the importance of real-time relevance, and the power in legendary partnerships. 

Our experts on the ground traded insights and business cards over in-depth conversations about Swrve’s integration with Oracle Eloqua and Oracle Responsys. These discussions uncovered a few not-so-surprising pain points that are common to global brands across industries right now, along with key learnings that signal what’s next in marketing and customer experience. 

1. Data Silos Are Still a Problem

One common concern voiced throughout our time at Oracle MCX comes as no surprise: data silos severely limit what’s possible in today’s always-on, always-connected world. Many brands spoke distinctly about how only a fraction of their data being actionable by mobile in real time. That means that it’s extremely important for a brand to invest in integrations that work to help, not hurt, the flow of data between platforms, campaigns, and devices, to actually capitalize on real-time interactions and amplify the effectiveness of campaigns. 

There are lots of claims out there, but Swrve is one of the few vendors that actually provide seamless connectivity and actionability through enterprise-grade integrations with Oracle Eloqua and Oracle Responsys. We ensure that your mobile campaigns are rich, relevant in real time, and complementary to what’s happening across other devices. 

2. A Minute Too Late Ruins Everything

It’s something every marketer knows: timing is core to any customer experience worth its salt. But knowing and being able to do something about it are two different things. And if it’s one thing brands agreed on at Oracle MCX, it was that there are too many opportunities to engage, retain, and monetize that are being missed by just a few minutes. And we all know that missed messages get lost and buried in the inbox or notification center, lessening the likelihood of a customer ever engaging with a brand again.

The truth is that customers are moving at the speed of now across devices; it’s imperative to engage with them exactly when and where they’re most likely to respond. Swrve makes this happen by processing and capturing over 14bn customer interactions daily in real time, allowing brands to anticipate customer needs as they occur live and in the moment. This gives marketers the ability to easily create relevant mobile experiences that respond to the real-time behaviors of their customers.

3. Being Relevant Everywhere Pays Off

We’d like to formally congratulate one of our customers, The Movember Foundation, who proudly took home “The Borderless Award for Best International Marketing Campaign” at the Oracle Markie Awards for their 2018 Movember campaign. The campaign, detailed in our recent case study, used Swrve’s integration with Oracle Eloqua to deliver well-timed and hyper-relevant push and in-app messaging to Movember participants. This real-time mobile messaging was complementary to Movember’s email campaign, ensuring valuable experiences wherever and whenever participants chose to interact with them. In other words, engagement that was truly borderless. 

In addition, Swrve’s own Scott Mirabello partnered with Meaghan Bilinksi, Movember’s Digital Marketing and Automation Director, to present, “Deliver 3x Mobile Engagement, The Movember Foundation + Swrve” to the Oracle MCX crowd. The crowd’s undivided attention and interest emphasized these two things: results matter, and the legendary partnerships that make them possible are invaluable. 

4. Up Next in 2019: Surprise and Delight Marketing

Gone are the days that a simple personalized offer would be enough to inspire loyalty and retention across audiences. At Oracle MCX, we spoke a lot about how today’s customer experience demands more depth and attention. It craves “surprise and delight” marketing: value-driven brand moments that feel unplanned, spur of the moment, and genuinely spontaneous for customers. But for big brands, working in spontaneous or unplanned ways, isn’t always easy to pull off, or high on the to-do list. 

We have a solution. Swrve’s enterprise-grade targeting and triggering combines with rich, real-time data to help brands identify and act on customer interests, patterns, preferences, engagement over time, new events, churn propensity, and more. With this unique set of tools, the possibilities for surprising and delighting customers are truly endless.