Engagement and retention on mobile is harder than ever. The average mobile user has 35 apps installed on their mobile phone, and only 9 of those apps are used consistently. Most users don’t come back to an app after downloading it—making your brand nearly invisible to your customer and ultimately, impacting your bottom line because you’ve spent the funds to acquire them and then can’t activate or keep them. To overcome the odds, you have to create a great experience that adds value for the user. That is to say, you need a customer experience strategy for mobile.

Swrve and the GSMA have teamed up to discuss the retention challenge for mobile apps, and the effect COVID 19 has had on mobile app usage. Access this 30 minute session on-demand, and join Mike Horrell, Director of Telecom and Strategic Accounts at Swrve, and Jason Reed Lead Analyst for Digital Consumers at GSMA Intelligence, to learn:

  • How market requirements are changing as consumer behaviour enters mobile maturity
  • Key strategies to engage and retain mobile users

Available to watch on-demand here