It has been a pretty remarkable year for all of us working in the marketing industry. Customer engagement is bound to get even bigger and better in 2019, but we have to say that we were really impressed by some of the messages that came our way last year that we’d be remiss not to share with you.

We all know the ideal situation; messages that are segmented at the individual level–responding to each customer personally, with information useful to only them. And while many brands are still behind the ball on this, there are a select few that we can all agree just get it. From enticing push notifications, to attention-grabbing subject lines in our inboxes, to onboarding experiences that blow the competition out of the water–here are 5  amazing messaging experiences that brands across industries can learn from.

Sephora: Getting Personal Over SMS

During the holiday season, it’s nice to know that your gifts have been received–and received well. But while brands can’t help you with the reception of your gifts, they can let you know when egifts have been sent and received. Which is why nifty little messages like the below example from Sephora are so great. Not only does the recipient receive a gift card to the Sephora store via SMS, but the giver also receives a notification when the gift card has been sent. This effectively clears up any questions around whether or not the gift got lost in the proverbial post.

Sephora: Getting Personal Over SMSSephora: Getting Personal Over SMS

Not only that, but the SMS message contains a personalized touch and a deep link right to the online store to make purchasing with their gift card as easy as pie. 

Ryanair: Deep Linking To Remove Friction In Their Push Notifications

I’m sure we were all inundated with brand messages during the what’s commonly known as Cyber Week. It’s bound to happen. But some messages stood out more than others, and on Cyber Monday this rich push from Ryanair really made the biscuit.

A deep link within the message took me directly to the booking page, which had the added personalisation of filling in my departure location, and my age. But the real magic happened when they left me to decide only two things–my destination and my dates.

Ryanair: Deep Linking To Remove Friction In Their Push NotificationsRyanair: Deep Linking To Remove Friction In Their Push Notifications

Removing friction from your transactional messages often leads to a huge uplift in engagement—not something brands should be taking lightly in 2019.

Netflix: Paying Attention To What You’re Watching (And What You’re Not Watching)

We have already talked about Netflix’s prowess with their onboarding and first time user experience, but if you’re a longtime user of the app, you’ll know that the user experience just gets better and better the more Netflix gets to know you and your taste in content. Take this email I received from them last week, highlighting films I missed in the run up to the holidays (and yes, I am partial to a soppy holiday film every once in a while), and new seasons of TV shows I watched earlier in the year.

Netflix: Paying Attention To What You’re Watching (And What You’re Not Watching)Netflix: Paying Attention To What You’re Watching (And What You’re Not Watching)

The email allows me to either open up the TV show immediately (I wish), or save it for later by seamlessly adding it to the My List function within the app.

Tidal: Making Waves With Their Holiday Marketing

Banking on a few New Year’s resolutions involving moving to the beat of better health and wellness, digital streaming app Tidal sent customers (or, em, new gym members)  a deal too good to pass up via email. To encourage their users to move from their free service to their premium service, Tidal’s email campaign contains all the elements needed for an highly effective, engaging email:

  • Concise information about the offer
  • Great imagery, design, copy, and an appropriate call-to-action
  • A clear (albeit limited) time frame
  • And deep link to the purchase page

Tidal: Making Waves With Their Holiday Marketing

Fenty Beauty: Giving Your Last-Minute Gift Buying A Makeover

There’s nothing worse than getting to the home stretch of the holidays and realising that you still have gifts to get. Which is why Fenty Beauty’s email campaign sent the day before Christmas  really hit home for us. Not only are they time sensitive and extremely relevant in their subject line (*cue the ravenous, animal-like stampede of desperate last-minuters overtaking once-beloved shopping destinations*), but the copy inside the email takes all the guesswork right out of the offer,making it easy for the customer to learn, engage, and most importantly make a purchase straight from the email open. 

Fenty Beauty: Giving Your Last-Minute Gift Buying A Makeover

Again, we’re seeing a brand that checks all the right boxes: beautiful imagery and design, enticing copy (both in the subject line and within the email itself) with a conversational tone, a unique, but clear call-to-action button with a deep link to the purchasing page to remove any friction from the conversion process.

Not too shabby for 2018–but even though these messages definitely made the grade for 2018, we can only see these types of messages getting better and better as 2019 unfolds. From highly personalized touches, to accurate use of localization, and brands responding to relevant information at the individual customer level, 2019 holds a ton of promise for those looking to take their marketing to the next level.

Stay tuned for more great examples, tips, strategies, insights, and more, as the year progresses on our blog!