The rise (and rise) of mobile isn’t the only recent trend that has had a transformative effect on the way we do business. In a similar way, the development of peer-to-peer networks and relationships has also changed many established business models - and created new opportunities in the process.

Those peer-to-peer networks take many forms, but ultimately they all share certain characteristics. Chief amongst them is the process of bringing individuals together to buy, sell and trade without the traditional middleman. Many have antecedents in some form, such as the classified ads page of the newspaper. But their modern equivalents are almost unimaginably more powerful and pervasive.

Whether in the context of auction sites such as eBay, ‘sharing economy’ businesses such as Uber or Helpling, or even dating sites, in most cases what we might call ‘mobile marketplaces’ involve the creation of profiles, and the buying and selling of goods and services (not on dating sites hopefully), and users on both sides of that transaction. They are also characterized by a mutual dependency, in the sense that large numbers of buyers attract sellers, and vice versa. That’s a virtuous circle that any marketplace has to take advantage of.

Making The Most Of Mobile Marketplaces

So given these marketplaces are such an important part of today’s mobile landscape, what can marketplace providers do to thrive in this environment? After all, they face the same challenges of any mobile business, particularly around the difficulties of holding onto users after the install and building long-term, profitable relationships with both the buyers and sellers that make up their business.

Fortunately for anyone asking that question, we’ve put together a whitepaper specifically on this subject. The focus, in true Swrve fashion, is very firmly on practical advice. We look at the entire user lifecycle, from the critical first moments in the app, through user experience optimization, to the key moment of ‘cross-sell’ - when buyers become sellers, and vice versa. And there’s plenty beyond that.

To read the whole report, simply download from our landing page here. Enjoy!