Tom Aitchison is a SaaS quarterback. 

Not only does he sit at the helm of innovation as the CEO of Swrve, the industry leader in mobile marketing and customer engagement, but he also has a front row look at all the latest market developments that are redefining customer experience and culture as we know it. 

The 25-year SaaS veteran opens up to Sudipto Ghosh in this recent MarTech Series interview, sharing details around his history driving success and scaling results at top global technology companies, his view of Swrve and where it fits in modern marketing technology stacks, his predictions for the SaaS industry, and more. On the prospect of an AI-centric world, Aitchison had this to say:

“With real-time data at their fingertips, brands can understand the behaviors of their customers at scale, make connections, and translate that data into valuable, actionable information. Swrve is at the forefront of the push toward artificial intelligence in customer engagement, and it’s our job to continue showing our customers how AI can have a real, meaningful impact on their business.”

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