No doubt you’ve heard of the MarTech Podcast. It’s the go-to listening source for news, thought-leadership, and the perfect stomping ground for industry experts to discuss their career paths and how they use marketing and technology to drive business growth.

This week, Benjamin Shapiro, the man behind the microphone is directing a 5 day series for #MobileMarketingWeek, featuring the sharpest minds in the mobile marketing industry, and our own Chief of Strategy Barry Nolan will be taking center stage.

Barry has been in the mobile marketing space for as long as it has existed, having spent much of the last eight years advising some of the world’s largest companies on how to grow their business in the era of mobile-first, app-centric marketing and communications, it’s safe to say he’s one of the world’s leading experts in the mobile industry.

Episode 1

In Episode 1, Barry delves into Swrve’s work with leading airline Ryanair, and explains how they have transformed their business model to revolve around delivering great customer experiences in real time to thrive in the mobile arena.

“The key to mobile marketing, is relevance,” Barry explains. “But the key to great mobile marketing is real-time relevance.”

Listen to Episode 1 of Mobile Marketing Week here.

Episode 2

In Episode 2, Barry moves on from the importance of brands adopting a mobile-first mindset, and coming to terms with having a continuous connection with consumers, and backs into the balance of what an appropriate use of mobile notifications is for global brands.

“To be brutally honest, most consumers don't give a damn about what you or our brand have to say.” Barry says. “Especially if that message is generic, unspecific, or irrelevant. At best, you’ll be tuned out. At worst you’ll be turned off.”

Listen to Episode 2 of Mobile Marketing Week here.

Episode 3

In Episode 3, Shapiro and Barry pivot and interrogate the use of geo-fencing, and location based marketing to amplify mobile marketing campaigns. They discuss that while geo offers brands unique and frequent opportunities to connect with customers in the flesh, the most interesting use cases around it are often much more subtle and deliver real value to users. 

“Location is one of the most interesting components of mobile marketing” Barry remarks. “It’s also one of the least understood parts of mobile marketing. For example, location based marketing hell would be every shop offering me 10% off as I walk up the high street. That’s not how geo should be used.”

Listen to Episode 3 of Mobile Marketing Week here.

Episode 4

Having delved into the appropriate use of notifications, how geo and location-based marketing can elevate your mobile campaigns, and how to establish a continuous connection with your customers, Barry and Benjamin move on to the buzzword of marketing for 2019: AI and machine learning. Barry explains how AI and machine learning can be used in mobile marketing, and more importantly, how it won’t be used.

“AI isn’t a switch, and it’s not a CD-Rom that spits out all the answers. Each AI algorithm or model is tuned to a different job,” Nolan says. “Within the fabric of all the data-sets and understanding those different jobs, the helicopter view is that AI enables better decision making for marketers.”

Listen to Episode 4 of Mobile Marketing Week here.

Episode 5

For the final episode in #MobileMarketingWeek, Nolan and Shapiro look to the future of mobile marketing and what changes can be expected in the industry over the next few years. 

“There are some implications that a smartphone will disappear but I don’t see that happening,” Nolan observes. “The iPhone and Android phones are the most successful products ever invented. They are continually glued to the customer throughout the day and they still very much remain the center of the customer's digital worlds. We spend on average three hours on mobiles per day and that number is only going up.”

Listen to Episode 5 of Mobile Marketing Week here.

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