The MarTech Podcast kicked off the new year with a special 2020 Predictions Week featuring Swrve Chief Technology Officer Oisín Hurley. The five-day series shared the trends brands should be looking out for in the next decade of customer engagement, and included special emphasis on how customer experiences will stand out as a key differentiator for revenue growth, retention, and customer lifetime value in 2020. Here’s a roundup with links to each episode:

Episode 1: Planning, Operating, and Evaluating Campaigns Based on Shifting Customer Behaviors

Oisín shares how marketers can plan, operate, and evaluate their campaigns based on key shifts in consumer trends and behaviors across channels. 

“Customer experience should reduce the cognitive load of humans. In fact, they will cause people to stay or leave a brand. For example, a good presentation makes people think their experience has been taken more seriously.”

Oisín Hurley

Listen to Episode 1 of 2020 Predictions Week here.

Episode 2: Data Consolidation in 2020

Oisín and Ben discuss how brands will focus on real-time responsiveness, personalization, and targeted value over data consolidation to deliver measurable business value.

“Your customer is interested in receiving the right kind of information and making sure that they can interact when they want to interact.”

Oisín Hurley

Listen to Episode 2 of 2020 Predictions Week here.

Episode 3: Staying Relevant in 2020

Oisín discusses how the margin for error continues to shrink for brands who are not willing to adapt to new bars for delivering relevance.

“You will need to have fairly fine-grain data about what people have been doing in the app. Besides this general behavior, you also need a platform that can allow you to pick out that fine-grain behavior and make interesting queries.” 

Oisín Hurley

Listen to Episode 3 of 2020 Predictions Week here.

Episode 4: Data-Driven Messaging in 2020

Oisín outlines how marketing leaders will use first and third party data to deliver experiences that are unique, valuable, and convenient to their users. 

“Don’t over-collect. Only collect the necessary.” 

Oisín Hurley

Listen to Episode 4 of 2020 Predictions Week here.

Episode 5: Multichannel Engagement in 2020

Oisín’s predictions for 2020 and learn how brands will be working to address challenges of multichannel activity and hyper targeting to create valuable customer experiences.

“Channels all need to be integrated to get a more rounded picture of user behavior, and subsequently the capabilities for message delivery. By combining the multichannel approach with hyper targeting based on relevant user actions inside the app, you’re offering the user value, and that value will come back to you as the app owner.”

Oisín Hurley

Listen to Episode 5 of 2020 Predictions Week here.

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