The smartphone has been with us for 10 years, give or take the odd month here or there. That development was a decisive moment in the mobile story. Scratch that - it was THE decisive moment. I worked in B2C throughout the growth of mobile and whilst WAP, Java, SMS and so on got a few of us excited at the time - true mobile marketing took off the day the iPhone was launched.

In those 10 years we’ve come a long way. And most of us probably like to think we’re pretty hot stuff when it comes to mobile marketing. But are you? Just how mature IS your mobile marketing effort? In the holiday spirit, I present an interactive quiz to enjoy over a coffee - or indeed something a little more medicinal. Simply answer the five simple questions and discover how much of a mobile marketing guru - or dunce - you really are!

Question 1

Acquisition is flying and new users are downloading the app in droves! How do you greet them?

A. They just open the app and get going. I’m not sure I understand the question.

B. With a crafted set of onboarding screens that guides them through the core app features and helps them get up and running fast.

C. It depends who they are. Dependent on acquisition source different onboarding screens are delivered automatically. That way we keep the connection between the ad a user responded to and their first experience in the app itself

Question 2

I have a sale on flights to New York and want to let my customers know about it. Who will I send this key push campaign to?

A. All my customers. The marginal cost of sending a notification is effectively zero so no harm done.

B. All my customers who have ever searched for a flight and don’t live in New York. I think that’s possible - but I’ll probably need to talk to the data team first.

C. All customers who have searched at least once for a flight to New York in the past 2 weeks, with relevant departure dates, and who have purchased sale tickets at some time in the past 2 years. And don’t live in New York.

Question 3

The push campaign has been sent! How are you going to measure effectiveness?

A. Click-thru rate of course. Is there another way?

B. We’ll look at click-thru rate and also take a close look at engagement rates for the audience in the hours after we send. Not sure how many hours yet - but we’ll find a time frame that makes it look like a success.

C. We’ve kept a small control group back and we’ll measure those users who received the push against that group, focusing on all the metrics that matter: total engagement, revenue etc. We’ll also look at every channel to ensure we haven’t cannibalised revenue from elsewhere. Simple stuff really.

Question 4

Your CEO reminds you that mobile is just one piece of a multi-channel jigsaw. How do you respond?

A. Confidently let her know that we send emails as well - so we’ve got twice the chance of catching people. It’s great this marketing isn’t it?

B. Walk through your plan for sharing data across multiple channels, and hopefully offering some kind of integrated experience to customers in 2019

C. Demonstrate dynamic data exchange between channels, and single campaigns run across mobile, email - even OTT platforms - today.

Question 5

How would you describe your approach to A/B testing?

A. I read about it once. We’ll definitely get around to it sooner or later.

B. We’re fully committed to A/B testing. We test the creative of all our push notifications. OK, sometimes we ignore the results and just go with what the boss likes but he has a good feel for these things.

C. We don’t just test campaigns of multiple types across multiple channels, but also the native app experience itself - things like menus, navigation and so on. We are careful to evaluate results correctly and we never argue with the data!

How’s Your Mobile Marketing Maturity Level?

Mostly As: Marketing In The Dark. Well, you know what a mobile phone is. And your customers and prospects do get messages from you from time to time. Whether they are relevant or irritating is another matter entirely. Talk to Swrve.

Mostly Bs: Dawn Is Breaking. Nobody’s perfect, but at least you’re making an effort when it comes to modern mobile marketing practices. Still work to do though! Talk to Swrve.

Mostly Cs: Blinded By The Light. Welcome to the top of the class. You know modern multi-channel marketing in both theory and practice. I’d tell you to talk to Swrve, but chances are you’re already a customer!