If you’re heading to MAU 2019, then you already know that it’s the mecca for mobile acquisition and retention insights for brands across industries. But, what you may not know is that Swrve experts (including me) will be there to share what ambitious marketers at leading brands are doing to drive business value in today’s best-performing global campaigns. Keep reading for a sneak peek at the insights we’re set to share at MAU Booth 103 (or join the others that are skipping ahead to book a meeting with us there; once scheduled, we’ll prepare personalized insights relevant to your brand and your personal business goals).

Real-Time Relevance: Your Key to Increasing Mobile Acquisition

Your current mobile customers will unlock the door to gaining new ones. If you can focus on improving every individual customer’s experience with your brand, and incentivize them to rate and share their experiences, you’ll be giving prospective customers more reasons to choose your brand. 

With Swrve, you’ll use real-time relevance to deploy surprise and delight marketing: this includes delivering better, not more, customer touches that are hyper personalized to reflect individual interests, preferences, and goals. This will not only improve customer experience, but it’ll inspire deeper loyalty and greater LTV. With this approach, Cinedigm lifted their Google Play rating from 2.5 stars to 4.1 stars. Better ratings mean more downloads, which also means more revenue for your brand.

Relevance with Scale: Proven Strategies for Reducing App Churn 

There are two keys to reducing churn: the first is understanding individual customers, knowing exactly where they are in their journey with your brand and understanding exactly what they value most; the second is having the ability to re-engage them at the exact moment they’re likely to respond and take action. 

Swrve is built to do it all, perfectly, processing and segmenting over 14 billion customer data points across apps, devices, channels, clouds and enterprise systems daily–all in real-time. This allows global brands to move at the speed of now across devices, scaling communications exactly when and where it matters most. This swift action keeps customers interested across their journey with your brand, opening the door to larger conversions and better LTV. 

Learn more at MAU: Book a meeting, or meet us there at booth 103.